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How much credit card interest are you paying?

Our mission

At finofr, our goal is to bring awareness to the truth about credit card interest. 40% of Americans hold a balance on their credit card and are unable to pay off their credit card bill in full every month. Many people can only make the minimum credit card payments. A finofr personal loan can get you out of debt faster with less interest.


We have created a tool, not only to wake people up to the detrimental interest payments, but also give them a better option to get out of debt faster through a debt consolidation loan.

Financial Wellness Tool

Check out this Bull-malarkey

Interest paid on a $5,525.00 balance with a monthly payment of $110.50 for a credit card compared to a personal loan.
These calculations are based on a credit card interest rate of 20.45% vs a personal loan interest rate of 9.32% (these interest rates are the industry average for good credit).

Traditional Credit Card Repayment

Total Balance
Monthly Payment
50 years
Time to pay off balance
Total Interest Paid

Personal Loan 

Total Balance
Monthly Payment
Time to pay off balance
5 years
Total Interest Paid

The finofr way

Can't pay off your credit card in full? Pay it off with your personal loan and save thousands of dollars.

finofr way

milk the system 

Step 1


Get pre-qualified to see your loan options and personalized credit limit to get started on bettering your financial life.

Step 2

Debt Consolidation

Open a personal loan to consolidate any outstanding debt to a lower rate to avoid the high-interest rates. 

Step 3

Debt Free!

Improve your financial wellness one payment at a time and you'll be debt free sooner than you think!

Able to pay your credit card bills in full each month?

first off, congrats! 

There are other ways to use a personal loan! To name a few: vacations, home improvements, weddings, and large purchases (can I get a HOT TUB!)

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